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and where your dream king size bed won't fit? Well, here is the solution. Buy an IKEA Trundle Bed. An IKEA Trundle Bed is the ideal bed type for space conservation. Probably the best investment you can ever make, IKEA Trundle Beds do not just provide you comfort and a good night's sleep but they also spare you from the headache of making everything and everyone fit with ease into your home.

There are different kinds and styles of IKEA Trundle Beds that you can choose from. There are twin and king size trundle beds for adults as well as smaller trundle beds for kids. These are among the favorites of homes with growing children. These IKEA Trundle Beds are not only great for your children's sleepovers but are also perfect for those times when relatives and friends come to visit the family for a few days. IKEA Trundle Beds provide you with the extra beddings that you need.

There are also trundle beds with drawers underneath the frame. These drawers can serve as pillow and blanket compartments to save you from all the clutter. They can also be used to store children's play things, magazines or even your shoes! It is also ideal to keep this kind of bed in your office where you might be forced or required to sleep over from time to time.

IKEA Trundle Beds are also available in different colors and designs. For people who are particular with the overall look and feel of their bedroom, an IKEA Trundle Bed will definitely add to the beauty of the room's decor with its fashionable colors and modern style. One can also customize and choose a preferred upholstery material for their personal IKEA Trundle Bed.

IKEA Trundle Beds are very practical solutions to your bedding problems. They are designed for trouble-free assembly and convenient storage when not in use. The coaster attached to the frame of the trundle bed makes it easy to roll out and make up for the guests. The bed also comes with a slimmer mattress which is approximately eight inches in thickness for adequate back support and at the same time, easy storage. An IKEA Trundle Bed is indeed the perfect way to live in comfort and style while maximizing the space of the average American home.